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It doesn’t just stop at a box!

Your subscription means you’ll become a member of the exclusive online club, a zone with even more activities, physical challenges, things to do and even a place to showcase your own creative adventures!

3 Easy Steps

Lets start having creative adventures.

Step One

Decide on the subscription to suit you.

We have individual boxes and duo boxes, that are designed for 2 siblings.
You can then choose how to many boxes you’d like from just the 1 to a 12 month subscription.

Step Two

It’s on it’s way to you.

Once you’ve subscribed your box will be dispatched within a day or two and will be popped through your letter box by a RoyalMail Postman. Your online club access will be sent to you via email and your access will last for as long as your subscription.

Step Three

Start your adventures!

With over 10 crafts, activities and adventures per month then you can get cracking on them straight away. Don’t forget to share your adventures on social media using #MHBoxClub or within the Box Club online zone. We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Example of a February box

Theres a little bit of blue in the sky and a little bit of sunshine (in between the snow!), it can only mean it’s February!

In this months box we especially love birds and getting outside in the fresh air. Will you find everything on the monthly hunt? How colourful can you make your rainbow ribbon fish? and can you grow potatoes from a bag of potatoes found in the supermarket?

There are over 10 things to do, see, explore and experiment with in Februarys box.

MHBoxClub TV

Want to be a part of an online club that enjoys making things, discovering new things and going on adventures? You already are!

Your membership to the online club is included in your subscription. The club is a safe space full of even more fun things to do. Set up like a online kids tv show, your children can only view the videos, articles or pictures and can’t openly communicate with others.

You can however contribute to the zone by emailing your pictures etc and we’ll make sure all are safe to be enjoyed by everyone.

Why MH Box Club

Why join us?


Being a part of the #MHboxclub will provide hours of entertainment and activities for your child/ren. Designed to be simple enough for the little people to enjoy and with each box featuring a ‘two way craft’ so they get to chose between 2 possible adventures – encouraging choice and independence.



Learning is more effective when it’s fun and engaging, that’s why we encourage ‘Creative Adventurers’ . We make sure our boxes have a mix of activities that inspire imaginative play, a love of nature, enjoyment of physical activity and a sense of independence and creative flair.


Every adventure we squeeze into a box is practical, easy to do at home with parents, older siblings, grandparents.  You won’t need access to fancy tools, it won’t take too much faffing around and if you do need anything really special it will be included in the box.

Register your interest

We hope you’ve enjoyed your mini Monthly Harvest Box and it has given you a taste of what it would be like to be a member of the Monthly Harvest Box Club family. 

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    MHBoxClub Box featuring White Post Farm

    We love to partner with people and places that can help us help you take our adventures further that’s why we’re best friends with White Post Farm in Nottinghamshire. Every month they kindly let us feature their animals, they’ll bring you updates from what’s going on around the farm and they are the wonderful providers of your Monthly Hunt activity.

    More information about them can be found at